Village Events

Volunteers are always required to help keep our events running.  If you would like to join in the fun, and are able to help, in any way, please contact the Parish Clerk at, or one of the Councillors.  Thank you.

Boyton Beach Litter Pick  usually twice a year, around March and September, along the sea-ward side of the river wall

Roadside litter pick  early spring before vegetation covers the litter

Apple Juicing  early October when we hire the equipment from Waldringfield WALG for the afternoon 

Bonfire Night  a popular social event early November with fireworks, Fawkes and food (to share)

The following are led by the Parochial Church Council (PCC), volunteers always appreciated

Village Fete  a very popular social event for the peninsula, held in September, requiring many stalls and tents

Harvest Supper  early October, held in the village hall, with a hearty meal and guest speaker

If you have some ideas for the village, or would like to run your own event, please contact Boyton Parish Council 



Village Litter Pick April 2019

A huge thank you to all our volunteers

Volunteers at the Village Litter Pick 2019

and a big pile of rubbish collected 

bags of rubbish collected and a tyre


Boyton Beach watch May 2019

Volunteers and a trailer full of rubbish 

Volunteers and a trailer full of rubbish

essential footwear for the beach 

muddy wellington boots


Apple Day October 2019

Andy Cassy instructing the young volunteers on the scratter

Andy instructing the young volunteers on the scratter

James and Iain on the press

James and Iain on the press


Deben Ward Beach watch September 2019

A few of our volunteers and a positive achievement of less rubbish found.  The other volunteers had disappeared after finding an artillery shell !

Trailer full of rubbish and some of the volunteers

Boyton marshes was used as a training area for tanks  

rusty artillery shell found on the beach